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Photo or Video Workflow Solution
Performance and Expandability for Media Editing

Drobo packs enough performance for editing media—even with multiple editors working at the same time

When digital photography became the de facto medium for capturing and storing images, it created the challenge of keeping those files safe while also making them readily accessible. Drobo safely stores your terabytes of digital image files and allows blazingly fast access to each and every one of them. As a photographer, your image rides on your images. With Drobo, both are safe.

Digital video cameras and digital SLRs are capable of capturing extremely high-resolution imagery. However, these stunning HD video files consume huge amounts of hard drive space and require drives capable of transferring data at very high rates. A full hard drive can result in a complete work stoppage, and slow data transfer rates severely limit the resolution available for editing. Drobo solves both of these problems with the ability to increase drive capacity on-the-fly and FireWire 800, iSCSI, and eSATA interfaces. So, you'll never run out of space and always have the speed to get the job done.

Media Editing Storage Diagram

Media Editing Storage

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