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Comprehensive Cloud Backup
Making cloud backup simple, accessible, and affordable for small businesses

A great data protection strategy calls for the primary onsite copy to be well protected and for a reliable backup. Local backup copies are great for fast restore, but protecting a small business also requires the additional protection of offsite backup. The best practice for any backup is known as a “3 – 2 – 1” system:

Drobo is a practical solution for onsite backup to support frequent restore requests due to accidental deletion, primary hard drive failure, or a virus. The truth is that cloud backup is not always practical for very large amounts of data you can store on a Drobo. For smaller offices with multiple computers, Carbonite provides cost-effective offerings for server backup to provide additional protection for selected files on a Drobo.

Carbonite Cloud Deployment

How-To Guide - Back Up Data from Drobo DAS or SAN Storage to the Cloud Using Carbonite (.PDF)