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Single-Server Environment
Single Server Solution

Small businesses and creative professionals generate a large amount of data that is the life-blood of their business. From accounts receivable to engineering designs to photographs or video, ensuring the safety and availability of that information is critical. Even if all the data that needs protection is stored on a single server or one workstation, DroboPro and Drobo 5D offer additional capacity in a self-managing storage solution.

Both products offer the safety and reliability of BeyondRAID™ technology, with instant expansion capabilities that allow you to pay as you grow your storage and dual-drive redundancy to protect valuable data, even if two drives fail at the same time.

If maximum storage capacity and speed are necessary for your single-host storage solution then Drobo B800i is for you. With its 8 available drives slots this system has the maximum storage capacity. If you need the speed of eSATA data transfers, then Drobo 5D, with its 5 drive bays is the solution.

Both systems make it easy to manage data growth. To add capacity, simply insert a new hard drive or replace the smallest drive with a larger one, even when all available drive slots are full. Unlike traditional RAID systems, BeyondRAID enables you to mix and match capacities, drive brands and speeds. This allows for continuous expansion as drive capacities grow. With BeyondRAID, expansion is automatic, instantaneous and access to data is always maintained.

Enable the dual-drive redundancy option to protect against the simultaneous failure of up to two hard drives. It’s all done with a single click without ever losing access to your data. Running out of space? Just click to switch back to single-drive redundancy at anytime. Unlike moving between traditional RAID 5 and RAID 6, there’s no need to reformat or migrate data off of the array, potentially saving hours or days of downtime.

Both products are fast, too. The Drobo 5D introduces the blazingly fast eSAT A interface for high speed data transfers. Drobo B800i uses the industry-standard iSCSI protocol along with a fast gigabit network interface to achieve the fastest transfer rates of any single-host solution Drobo offers. Both systems also offer Firewire 800 and USB connections for flexibility but the combination of eSATA and gigabit-level iSCSI are unbeatable for speed.