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Small/Medium Business (SMB)
Drobo Storage Solutions For Businesses and Professionals

Small/Medium Business IconCan you put a price on your digital assets?

The data storage needs of small businesses today are nearly identical to the needs of large enterprises just a few years ago. Small businesses need storage solutions that can protect office documents, customer data and other files against a hard drive failure and can be encrypted to protect against loss or theft. Drobo protects against hard drive failure without ever compromising your access to data and is compatible with Windows encryption and OS X Disk Utility ‘s virtual disk encryption.


Small business budgets demand technology solutions that have low up-front costs and provide excellent value over time. By both standards, Drobo is one of the most affordable protected storage solutions available.

Storage that Grows with Your Business

Your business is growing and your storage needs are accelerating. Shouldn’t your storage solution scale with your business? Drobo products are the only instantly expandable redundant storage solutions.  Start with what you need this year and scale to 16TB and beyond* without ever needing to migrate your data. Need more storage? Simply insert another hard drive or replace your smallest drive on-the-fly without system downtime.

Simple to Manage

Spend more time growing your top and bottom line and less time reading your storage device’s instruction manual. Drobo products are designed from the ground up to be simple enough for anyone to use, saving you time and money.

Solutions for SOHO and Small & Medium Businesses

Drobo solutions can be incorporated into your environment in a number of ways. Connect DroboElite to your central servers by iSCSI to provide consolidated storage for your IT infrastructure. Use DroboPro to provide high capacity dedicated primary or secondary storage for a server or workstation. Connect  Drobo S or 2nd Generation to each workstation or laptop to provide local data storage and security. Overall, Drobo products are ideal  primary and secondary storage or backup solutions for SMB data storage needs.

*As larger hard drives become available.