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Multi-Server Environment
Multi-Server Consolidated iSCSI Storage

As a business grows, so does the underlying IT infrastructure to support it. As time goes by, servers are added for each application, and the storage for these servers can quickly get out of hand. When dedicated storage systems are directly attached to servers, storage is typically inefficiently used, with too much storage on one system and not enough on another. Also, system managers spend more and more of their time, which could be better used elsewhere, managing their servers and individual storage systems. One key solution for simplifying environments, gaining better control and making the best usage of storage resources is storage consolidation.

The Drobo connects seamlessly to your existing TCP/IP network and utilises the industry-standard iSCSI protocol to provide simple, consolidated storage for your servers. With the award-winning BeyondRAID technology with thin provisioning at its core, the Drobo B800i/B1200i allows the efficient utilisation of storage resources across multiple iSCSI-attached servers. The inserted drives create a common pool of storage that is allocated seamlessly across every server. Each server only takes the storage that it needs and releases storage to the common pool when files are deleted.

Consolidated storage needs to be ultra reliable, simple to manage, and fast. The Drobo B800i/B1200i with BeyondRAID is the solution. Enable the dual-drive redundancy option to protect against the simultaneous failure of up to two hard drives.  It’s all done with a single-click without ever losing access to your data. When you need to growyour storage, simply insert a new hard drive or replace the smallest drive with a larger one, even when all eight drive bays are full.  You can even mix and match capacities, drive brands, and speeds. This allows for continuous expansion as drive capacities grow. With Drobo B800i/B1200i, expansion is automatic, instantaneous and access to data is always maintained. DroboElite is also fast. With two Gb Ethernet interfaces for high-speed iSCSI, Drobo B800i/B1200i offers up to 50% faster throughput than the very fast DroboPro.