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Information Technology (IT)
Drobo Storage Solutions For Businesses and Professionals

IT IconBig Features, Small Box

Despite its small size, Drobo packs an IT closet’s worth of features. Drobo protects against drive failure without ever compromising your access to data by utilising the most advanced RAID feature set available today.

Save Money

IT budgets demand technology solutions that have low up-front costs and provide excellent value over time. Drobo is one of the most affordable protected storage solutions available.

Save Time

Spend more time solving cases and less time migrating data. Drobo’s self-healing and instant expansion will dramatically lower the time you need to devote to managing your company’s storage needs.

Save More Data

Your business is growing and your storage needs are accelerating. Shouldn’t your storage solution scale too? Drobo is the only instantly expandable redundant storage solution. Start with what you need this year and scale to 16TB* over time without ever needing to migrate your data. Need more storage? Simply insert another hard drive or replace your smallest drive.

*As larger hard drives become available.