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Education & Non-Profit
Drobo Storage Solutions For Businesses and Professionals


Budgets in the Education sector demand technology solutions that have low up-front costs and provide excellent value over time. Drobo is one of the most affordable protected storage solutions available.

Simple for Students and Teachers Alike

Spend more time with your students and less time on the phone with IT. Drobo was designed from the ground up to be simple enough for anyone to use. Drobo will save you time and money.

Safe Solutions for Classrooms and Districts

All data needs to be protected against hard drive failures — it’s only a matter of time. Drobo provides the redundancy you need in the classroom or even the district level. Drobo can be incorporated into your environment in a number of ways. Connect a Drobo to your central server by USB, FireWire, eSATA or iSCSI, depending on model, or to each individual desktop or laptop. Use Drobo for redundant primary storage or backup.

*Using currently available 2TB disk drives. Greater storage capacities available when larger drives become available.