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Drobo Data Storage Products & Solutions
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As of January 27th, 2023, Drobo support and products are no longer available.

Drobo support has transitioned to a self-service model. The knowledge base, documentation repository, and legacy documentation library are still accessible for your support needs.

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Drobo Storage Products:

Drobo 5C

Drobo 5C Series

5-bay Direct Attached Storage
Desktop storage ideal for storing and backing up your data on your Mac or Windows based laptop or PC

Drobo 5N2

Drobo 5D2

5-bay Network Attached Storage

Networked storage for connected home, home office, or small office environment

Drobo 5D3

Drobo 5D3

5-bay Direct Attached Storage with Thunderbolt 3
Lightning fast storage for your creative workflow with 5K and 4K display support

Drobo 8D

Drobo 8D

8-bay Direct Attached Storage with Thunderbolt 3
Direct Attached Storage to transform your storage workflow

Drobo B810n

Drobo B810n

8-bay Network Attached Storage
Easy to use network attached storage coupled with hybrid storage and Data Aware Tiering

Drobo B810i

Drobo B810i

8-bay iSCSI SAN Storage
Best in class 8 Bay iSCSI SAN engineered for SMB’s with Data – Aware Tiering

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