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Private Cloud Storage for Remote Access, File Sharing and Offsite Backup

Drobo Transporter Private Cloud

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Transporter is a private cloud storage device that provides secure worldwide access of your data from any computer or mobile device and unlimited file sharing with friends, family or colleagues located anywhere in the world. As a device you own and control, it is completely private and there are no monthly fees or subscriptions. Simply add a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive of your choice to start syncing and sharing your files right away.

Transporter Open and Hard DriveWith Transporter, you get all the benefits of cloud storage, with none of the drawbacks…

  • Access all your files from anywhere in the world
  • Sync files between all your digital devices
  • Automatically protect valuable files offsite
  • Share photos and home movies with family and friends
  • Privately collaborate with co-workers and colleagues
  • Add terabytes of storage to your mobile device
  • Your data is never stored in the cloud, and only on devices you authorise.
  • You and the people you share with will never pay a fee

What is Transporter?

Transporter is a private cloud storage device for syncing, sharing, accessing, and protecting your digital life. No cloud, no fees, no privacy concerns. Your files are only stored on your Transporters and computers and mobile devices that you authorise.

Access your digital life from any computer or mobile device, back it up, collaborate with colleagues, share with family and friends and sync across multiple devices. Transporter lets you do all of that with no monthly fees and it’s completely private. It's your digital life.

Sync Everything Sync Everything
Automatically sync all your content across your computers, phones and tablets.
Global Access Global Access
All files stored on Transporter are available everywhere from any device.
Protect Protect
A copy of your files is automatically kept on Transporter safe from disaster.
Share with Anyone Share with Anyone
Easily share files of any size or type with anyone, no matter where they're located.
100% Private 100% Private
Transporter is completely private and secure unlike cloud and online solutions.
No Fees – Ever No Fees – Ever
Transporter is a device you buy once and own with no expensive monthly fees.

Automatically Sync Files Between All Your Digital DevicesFeatures:

Automatically Sync Files Between All Your Digital Devices

Transporter creates one window to your digital world, keeping all your files organised by automatically syncing your document, photo, music, and video folders across your devices. You also have an option to sync only the content you want on a particular device, making it ideal for adding terabytes of capacity to your laptops, phones and tablets.

Access Everything You Want, Right When You Need It
Access Everything You Want, Right When You Need It

Whether you want to watch movies while on vacation or download documents on a business trip, Transporter gives you easy access to your files, from all your devices, regardless of where you are. Everything stored on your Transporter – regardless of size or type – is easily accessible using the free desktop, iPhone or Android™ device apps.
AppStore and Adroid device apps

Everything You Care About, Automatically Protected

Everything You Care About, Automatically Protected

Protecting files offsite should be easy. The cloud seems like a logical choice – until you actually try. If it takes months to get your files onto the cloud, how long is it going to take to get them back when you need them? Transporter offers the easiest way to protect your files from fire, flood, or theft by automatically syncing files between computers and other Transporters.

Privately Share Anything, With Everyone You Want

Privately Share Anything, With Everyone You Want

The cloud is great for sharing a few photos, but what do you do when you want to share your entire photo or home movie collection? Enter Transporter. Starting at just $99 with no monthly fees, Transporter is the easiest, most cost-effective way to share your media collection with family and friends. Each Transporter can support Terabytes of data meaning you can easily share thousands of hours of HD video and millions of photos.

All the Convenience With None of the Privacy Concerns
All the Convenience With None of the Privacy Concerns

Cloud storage services like Dropbox offer convenience, but also introduce a lot of risk. They store your files on shared servers and have terms allowing them to access, distribute, and even delete your data. Transporter solves this by offering all the convenience of Dropbox with none of the risk. With Transporter, all your files are stored on devices you own and control, are transferred directly between devices, and are never stored in the cloud.

No Recurring Fees Or Hidden Costs, Pay Once and Own It Forever
No Recurring Fees Or Hidden Costs, Pay Once and Own It Forever

Tired of recurring fees? So are we. Hard drives are inexpensive, yet cloud storage services all charge big monthly fees if you want to store more than a few files. That’s why we designed Transporter as a device you buy and own without pesky monthly fees. With Transporter, you can sync, access, protect, and share everything starting at just $99.

No Recurring Fees Or Hidden Costs, Pay Once and Own It Forever

Why Users Love Transporter:

The Transporter speaks to a real need that we have in the digital world. Whether you are looking to store documents that are too sensitive to put on someone else's servers, or you require transfer speeds that exceed your internet connection, Dropbox and similar services sometimes don’t quite cut it. Local storage, on the other hand, offers little if any collaboration or cross computer/device syncing. On top of that, as you store more and more in the cloud, the costs of these services compound. The Transporter is the answer to this dilemma. It offers almost all of the great file sharing and collaboration tools like Dropbox but it keeps things local and on your personal storage.

Having it local not only keeps it safe, and in your hands, but it also allows you to take advantage of your local network’s gigabit ethernet speeds. You never have to wait for files to download or sync again. You can even stream media off of it -- movies, tv, mp3s, etc. And if you want offline access to your files on the go, you can optionally cache files on your computer. Any changes made to the cached files while you’re offline will be synced back to the Transporter (or Transporters if you have multiple) once you’re back online.

With the Transporter, you buy the hard drive once, and that’s it. No recurring monthly fee, fully private, entirely self contained, and accessible anywhere. We love the whole package.

Simplicity Unification


Using Transporter is really easy. Just use the Transporter desktop app to sync, share, access, and backup. If you love Dropbox, you're going to love Transporter.


Transporter let's you sync, share, access, and protect your data with a single device. Gone are the days of using separate services to perform all these functions.

Privacy Cost


Lack of Privacy is a huge issue with cloud storage providers. Transporter eliminates this issue by giving you total control of your data.


Using cloud services to sync, share, and protect your data results in expensive monthly fees that add up. Transporter is a one-time purchase with no pesky fees.


Popular uses for Transporter

Transporter SolutionsIf you want to ensure that your data is private and not accessible by third parties, then Transporter is a perfect solution for your business. Whether you’re managing a team of people across multiple locations, or a small business that need files protected off-site, Transporter is simply the most cost-effective way to privately sync, access, protect and share all of your critical data. No more recurring fees, no more wondering which device you have your files on. With Transporter, you control your data while maintaining access to everything from everywhere.

And while one Transporter is great, more are even better. Ideal for sharing small or large files, Transporters are smart and connect together to create a powerful network that ensures everyone has fast, local copies of their data. This means no more waiting for the cloud, or choosing which files get backed up or protected. With Transporter you can have it all.

Learn more about how Transporter can help transform your business, get you off the public cloud and give you peace of mind.


Sharing confidential files with colleagues or clients and accessing those files while at home or in court can prove to be a challenge. Cloud storage solutions offer convenience, but do not offer complete control over location and privacy of files to guarantee attorney-client privilege is maintained. Transporter offers all the convenience of the cloud with none of the risk.

As a private cloud device that you own, Transporter gives you complete control over location and redundancy of all your files while allowing you to privately share and remotely access those files from anywhere. Files are always encrypted during transit, are transferred directly between devices, and are never stored in the cloud.

Legal Benefits:
  • Create private case folders to share with clients and other attorneys
  • Securely access sensitive case files from anywhere using your computer or mobile device
  • Put additional Transporters at partners' homes for automatic offsite protection and fast local copies
  • Store terabytes of files per Transporter while eliminating recurring cloud storage fees


Protecting, accessing and sharing Protected Health Information (PHI) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is critical for all healthcare professionals. The recently released Omnibus Rule extends HIPAA requirements to business associates and introduces more severe penalties for violation of PHI privacy. The popularity of cloud storage for the healthcare industry is largely due to the ease of accessing and sharing data coupled with lower up front costs. Public cloud storage solutions offer convenience, but cannot guarantee that privacy of confidential patient information is maintained, and the additional security measures that must be taken to secure information could even end up offsetting the cost savings.

Transporter offers all of the sync, access, protect and share capabilities of public cloud storage solutions without any of the risk. As a private device you own, it gives you complete control over location and redundancy of confidential information while allowing private sharing and secure, remote access from anywhere in the world. Automated offsite protection is as simple as adding a second Transporter at a remote location. 

Healthcare Benefits:
  • Store PHI and EMR on private devices that you own and control
  • Securely share PHI and EMR with contractors and sub-contractors
  • Remotely access patient files and images using your computer or mobile device
  • Deploy multiple Transporters at different locations to automatically protect PHI and EMR offsite


The days of carrying thumb drives are over! Transporter allows you to create your very own private cloud for sharing projects, collaborating with students, collecting homework assignments, and storing important files securely and privately.

Many school districts block the use of online storage and syncing sites in an attempt to control what students can access on the Internet. Setting up your own web server can be extremely difficult, so we designed Transporter to be simple enough for anyone to set up and administer.

Education Benefits:
  • Create classroom and student folders for securely depositing homework – no more thumb drives
  • Provide private environment for students to collaborate and work together on projects
  • Remotely access and upload content from anywhere using any Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device
  • Set up a second Transporter at another location to automatically protect files from theft


The architectural, engineering, and construction industries are rapidly moving to mobile devices for managing project content between offices and in the field. As a result, there is a growing need to remotely access and share files anywhere in the world, from any device. Many firms have turned to cloud providers only to discover storage and per-user fees spiraling out of control.

Transporter is an online storage solution that delivers all the benefits of the cloud without any recurring costs or privacy concerns. Whether you're working on new projects, sharing large design files with colleagues and customers, or need to quickly access data from a project site, Transporter is a simple, cost-effective solution to meet these requirements.

Design/Build Benefits:
  • Access design files, plans, contracts, and permits anytime from anywhere in the world
  • Privately collaborate by creating unique project files with colleagues and customers
  • Ensure all project participants are always working on the most up-to-date files
  • Deploy multiple Transporter devices in secure locations for fast local copies and automated offsite protection

Creative Services

Advertising agencies, graphic design companies, public relations firms, and software development houses are just a few examples of small businesses that constantly need to share large files between remote co-workers and clients. Cloud services offer convenience, but can quickly get expensive as the businesses scale.

Transporter delivers all of the convenience of cloud services without recurring fees or privacy concerns. Because Transporter can deliver terabytes of storage per device, you'll never need to worry about moving or deleting older client files to make space on limited cloud folders. If you ever need more space, simply purchase an additional Transporter and the software will automatically combine the devices making it simple for Transporter to keep up with the rapid pace of your business.

Creative Services Benefits:
  • Deploy a Transporter at each office to ensure fast local copies and offsite protection
  • Share terabytes of files with co-workers and clients located anywhere in the world
  • Easily collaborate and distribute large design files
  • Access files from anywhere on computers or mobile devices
  • Quickly sync current project folders across all devices

Financial Services

All public accounting firms face the challenge of protecting sensitive client files. At the same time, those files must often be shared or accessed remotely. Data loss or accidental exposure of confidential information can be catastrophic for a small practice. Public cloud storage solutions offer convenience, but do not provide control over location and privacy of files to ensure confidentiality is maintained.

Transporter from Connected Data offers all of the protection, access and sharing capabilities of the cloud without any of the risk. As a private device you own, Transporter gives you complete control over location and redundancy of information while allowing you to share with anyone you authorise and access your confidential client files from anywhere in the world.

Financial Services Benefits:
  • Control where your files are stored and who has access and maintain client confidentiality
  • Automatically protect client files against a computer failure
  • Files are always encrypted (AES-256) during transfer
  • Automatically sync files and folders among authorised users
  • Simple and intuitive setup easily completed in minutes


Transporter Front View
Front View
Transporter Rear View
Rear View
Transporter Side View
Side View
Transporter Open View
Open View

Technical Specifications
  • 2.5" II/III hard disk drive of any manufacturer, spindle speed, or cache (No SSD support)
  • Drive thickness: 7mm, 9.5mm, 12.5mm, and 15mm
  • Minimum disk capacity: 160GB
  • No tools required
  • 1 x Gigabit Ethernet port
  • 1 x USB 2.0 port for optional wireless adapter
Operating System Support
  • Window and MACMac OS X 10.7.x Lion
  • Mac OS X 10.8.x Mountain Lion
  • Windows 7 SP1 32 and 64 bit
  • Windows 8 32 and 64 bit
  • Apple iOS 5.1.x and higher
Device Management
  • Statue lights (power, activity, connection, capacity)
  • Connected Data Management Website
  • Browser Support
    • Apple Safari 6.x and higher
    • Google Chrome 24.x and higher
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.x and higher
    • Mozilla Firebox 18.x and higher
File Access
  • Connected Data Mac Application
  • Connected Data Windows Application
  • Connected Data Apple iOS Application
  • Connected Data Android Application
  • Optional local access via CIFS/SMB
  • External Power Supply
  • AC Input: 100 - 240VAC˜0.5A, 50-60Hz
  • DC Input: 5V, 3A, 15W max
  • Height: 5.5 in (140 mm)
  • Width: 3.9 in (100 mm)
  • Depth: 3.9 in (100 mm)
  • 1.0 lbs. (0.45 kg) without drive, accessories, or packaging
  • One year hardware warranty
  • Disk drive warranty provided by manufacturer
Box Contents
  • Transporter
  • Hard disk drive (optional)
  • 5 ft (1.5 m) power cord with power supply
  • 3 ft (1 m) Ethernet cable
  • Drive carrier
  • Set Up Guide
  • Product Information Guide
Transporter Apart

Sample Ring Status and Light Indicators:

Transporter Sample Ring Status and Light Indicators

Main Status Ring Messages

Main Status Ring
Light Color/Style Message
Green (flashing) Starting Up
Blue to Green (flashing alternately) Formatting Disk
Blue Normal operating state
Solid: idle
Pulsating: transferring data
Yellow Low disk space
Solid: idle
Pulsating: transferring data
Red No disk space
Solid: idle
Pulsating: transferring data
Red (fast flashing) Issue With Hard Drive
Red to Yellow (flashing alternately) No Internet Connection

Network and Power Light Statue Messages

Network and Power Light Statue
Network Light Color/Style Message
Solid Green Network connection is OK; you have an IP address
Flashing Green Not receiving an IP address via DHCP
Off No connection
Power Light Color/Style Message
Solid Green Power is OK
Off No power


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to purchase both Transporter and Transporter Sync?

No. Either product will deliver the same great sync, access, protect and share experience for your files. The primary difference is that Transporter has an internal hard drive and Transporter Sync uses and external hard drive. Which one you decide to purchase really depends on your needs.

Can I start with a single Transporter or Transporter Sync and add others later?

Absolutely. A single Transporter or Transporter Sync is a great solution for automatically syncing files across computers, accessing files remotely, protecting files on computers and privately sharing files with others.

The benefit of having more than one Transporter is in the product’s unique ability to automatically sync files to other Transporters located anywhere in the world. Having two or more Transporters in different locations is a great way to privately protect files offsite and ensure fast, local copies of files when working or sharing between remote locations.

Does everyone I share with need a Transporter or Transporter Sync?

No. You can share files and folders on a single Transporter or Transporter Sync with anyone you want, whether they have one or not. To share a single file, simply right click and create a private link for sharing. Sharing a folder can also be done by simply right clicking on the folder. The people you share with do not need a Transporter, but they will need to set up a free Transporter account and install our desktop and / or mobile apps.

Do all Transporters require a hard drive?

Yes. We do sell Transporter and Transporter Sync in a “no drive” configurations for customers that either have a drive they would like to use or want to purchase the drive separately, but all Transporters require a hard drive for storing files.

Do shared Transporters and/or Transporter Syncs have to use the same size hard drive?

No. You can easily share any Transporter with different size drives. The main status light will change from blue to yellow as it runs low on available capacity.

Do I attach the Transporter to my computer or my network?

All Transporters attach directly to your network router or switch and are controlled through a secure management website.

Is there a performance difference between Transporter and Transporter Sync?

Transporter uses a direct SATA connection to the hard drive which provides ~20% higher local network performance than Transporter Sync. There is no performance difference when accessing files remotely.

How private are Transporters?

Transporter and Transporter Sync were designed with privacy in mind, so files are never stored in the cloud and are only stored on Transporters, computers and mobile devices that you authorise and control.

Files are always encrypted during transfer using AES 256-bit encryption, the same level of encryption used by banks and the military. Additionally, the private encryption keys required to read the data are only generated and stored on Transporters.

Can Connected Data access my files?

Connected Data does not have access to your files or the ability to grant access to third parties. Connected Data only sees names of shared folders and names of files shared via private links as required to facilitate sharing.

Do I need to take the Transporter or Transporter Sync with me when I travel?

No. One of the great things about Transporter and Transporter Sync is they can stay safe and secure in your home or office. Our free computer and mobile applications allow you to sync, access, protect and share all your files from anywhere in the world with just a simple Internet connection.


  Transporter 150 Transporter 75 Transporter 30 Transporter 15 Transporter
Product Matrix Transporter 150 Transporter 75 Transporter 30 Transporter 15 Transporter
Number of Users Up to 150 Up to 75 Up to 30 Up to 15 For Individuals
Capacity per node 24TB 12TB 12TB 8TB Up to 2TB
Form factor Rackmount Rackmount Desktop Desktop Desktop
Network Connection 2x Gigabit Ethernet 2x Gigabit Ethernet 2x Gigabit Ethernet 1x Gigabit Ethernet 1x Gigabit Ethernet
Auto-Sync Between Transporters
Redundant Drives
Redundant Power / Cooling
SSD Metadata Acceleration


Download the Connected Data Transporter Datasheet (.PDF)